Romeo Farrington

Romeo Farrington

It was a long time ago that I gave up my original profession in building construction for driving a taxi when I realised I had a liking for people. I knew that I made the right choice because in my taxi I meet everybody who comes to Nassau, which is just what I wanted.

Well, I decided to look for something that would make me unique in the taxi business because there are 1135 taxi drivers on the island right now and I wanted to be unique in someway or other. So I went about trying to find out how could I be different from just the guy who is standing out there and saying taxi. So I decided that I was going to add a few things. The main thing I added was punctuality. I would never be late for an appointment, and right away that made me different from my competitors. Then I decided that I would go miles out of my way in any way I could and that also gave me a notch or two up the ladder.

So, as I continue, meeting and making new friends, I realise that a lot of times when people visit our country they’re looking for friends – they didn’t come here to make any enemies. Making friends with visitors is very, very easy to do because they were over here and came halfway already. I also promised myself that anytime somebody takes my services once that that may be my chance. Because more than 70% of my work comes from return customers.

It was driving a taxi that gave me small bit parts in a couple of movies, and again meeting people, taking care of them. This is the sort of thing that would otherwise never have happened.

I had a small part in the movie Never Say Never Again, Love Boat Valentine Special and a small part in one of Perry Como’s TV specials.

But I think my biggest moment was in the movie Jaws 4, I had a speaking and singing part in that movie. It happened because one day I waited to pick up this guy, and it was only a very short journey, but I thought-well you never know who it might be and where it might lead. Turns out he was a genuine Hollywood movie producer about to shoot Jaws IV in the Bahamas. So he said that when he came back he might find a part for me in it. And, he took my card and when he did come back he gave me a role as he promised.

If you watch the film, I’m the guy driving the taxi and singing. So the moral of my story is that you never know where small beginnings will take you.

Romeo Farrington, chauffeur and movie extra – Nassau / Paradise Island