Dr. SeaBreeze

Dr Seabreeze

My name is Cebric Bethel, but my stage name is Dr. Seabreeze.

I’ve been singing since I was eleven years old. Many years ago, I was the head singer in a band called the Jila Boys Calypso: way back in the 50’s and 60’s  we were very popular. All over the island, we used to go singing and playing in the nightclubs. I asked the good Lord to give me a talent so I picked up this guitar.

Nobody liked me; I liked myself, because I was a singer and I knew if I make a mistake I could always cover it up with this guitar. Since those days, I’ve been to London, Paris, Belgium and Germany; I was the first Bahamian to sing in a New York nightclub, 44th street Manhattan.

I based myself on the old time Calypso because it’s something that goes down well here.

The Bahamas you know has got a good rhythm, an easy rhythm, and my music tells about the islands and the people, it tells stories. That’s what the islands are about. There’s this one story, this guy-Uncle Lou- he got so drunk one night he fell in the well, and they say he fell so hard he went straight to hell. And there were some guys on this island really did fall in the well, they were drinking too much and stepped off. In the old days, the 50s we had no electric lights so he didn’t see where he was going, he got drunk and he fell in the well. They fished him out, he lived, you know. Those were true stories.

My island is Eleuthera- that’s Greek for freedom. I was here in the days when there wasn’t nothing here; it was only fishing and farming. As a little boy I left school early, because in the old days after the last world war, the English people came over and built up these big huge homes, and we used to work in the yards after school from four o’clock till after dark, for one shilling. We didn’t have no cars. You could have lay down in the street and you didn’t have to worry about nobody running over you in their cars. The only thing you’d have to worry about getting run over by a horse, because horses were the main transportation in those days.

So, come on down, we welcome you 100%, I welcome you. Because I sing for you, we have beautiful beaches, and warm tropical winds, and the fishing is good, bone fishing is good, snorkeling is good. That’s why I love Eleuthera.

Dr Seabreeze, self-taught musician and local legend – Eleuthera Island

Dr Seabreeze.