Peter Douglas

I suppose you could say that I’m less of an eco warrior and more of an eco champion. Like most people on this special island, I really appreciate what a wonderful place we have here and that Andros is just too good to keep to ourselves.

My favourite spot must be Captain Bob’s Blue Hole, here in the Central Andros National Park, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped off into the blue… It’s a real thrill and I really want more visitors to have the leap of their life too. Jumping into the warm water of the Blue Hole is just part of my vision for Andros… It’s the biggest and least explored island in The Bahamas, so I’m trying to set up nice learning and attraction areas for eco tourism. I also want to ‘edutain’ people as to how wonderful the natural environment is here in The Islands of The Bahamas. Because I believe that you can’t educate people without some entertainment.

Talking about Blue Holes, let me tell you why they are so wondrous. They have hidden depths, as they are small inlets into massive undersea caverns that run under Andros and beyond. And although I’ve not seen it, down in the deep lives the mythical Lusca which is the Loch Ness monster of the Caribbean. Another mythical creature we have here on Andros is the Chickcharnie… now, he’s half man, half bird and like me he wants to protect the beauty of Andros. Unlike me, the Chickcharnie can read your mind and if you’re having bad thoughts he’ll turn your whole head around so you can see things the right way. Well that’s what they say here on Andros…

Natural-or bush- medicine is also big round here, so we use many local plants to keep us healthy, wealthy and wise. Like the Cinnecord tree which is also food for us, our animals and the earth.

I know I’ve barely touched on the fascinating history of the island, but I hope I’ve given a brief insight into the wonders of Andros, and that everyone who reads this comes and enjoys this beautiful site with us.

Peter Douglas, Community leader and local NGO for environment conservation – Andros Island


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